Weekly Nature Classes from September

Thanks to members of a homeschooling group for providing this information about nature classes that run over a course of several weeks.  Comes highly recommended.

The English translation is below.  Click here for original Chinese version.

Sam Rainsy class nature experience programs (2012, Fall; on Wednesday in September)◎ What is the nature experience program?
Naturally different from those within the system of education, the natural experience of course is the long-term outdoor course, I want to accompany a group of kids going and natural as partners in the growth process,
◎ nature experience program is to teach children a lot of knowledge about natural?
Sam Rainsy class courses are outdoors, the emphasis on practical experience rather than knowledge, memory, and attention to the development and extension of after-school knowledge.
The ◎ nature experience program will teach children to acquisition, prepare specimens?
Firmly believe that to be loved by the "contact ─ ─ cognitive course to achieve a natural phenomenon and not just hope that the participants know and name, but also show the specific action to care for natural Of course, we would expect that the child is responsible to natural
Therefore, we do not encourage "arbitrary" animal and plant collection.
◎ natural experience courses with outdoor travel What's the difference?
Outside the contact with nature, course emphasis on self-exploration! Not only give participants the opportunity to learn to be independent, but also expect participants to love themselves, to recognize themselves and also respect for others outside their own environment!
The ◎ natural experience the image of course!
Nature experience program is to grow together by the instructors and parents architecture space, the image of a spell out the learning from children, parents and instructors.
The ◎ parents in the natural experience of the role of the curriculum?
The great importance of the role of parents in children's education course, the parents of course addition to participation in the written records, image recording, to minimize the active to give them assistance. And expectations of the parents can see their children in the peer group,
True at the same time given proper encouragement and assistance!
◎ Audience: - Primary 1 to grade 4.
The ◎ activities: - in the urban outskirts of Metro Park activities
- Unless the typhoon or natural alarm will not be halted activities
- Programs to children as the main
- Parents in the group of students to observe
The ◎ moving target: a like nature, and learn to explore freely in the nature
Second, the observation, in-depth thinking and reasonable to assume that
Three, like myself, to respect the feelings of others
Fourth, to accept their own uniqueness with others
Fifth, the ability to retain independent thinking in groups
The ◎ activities: - close to nature the use of physical and sensory
- Observe and record the interesting things in the natural
- Aware of their own physical and emotional
- The necessary limb use practice
◎ Time: Wednesday 14:00-17:00. (Night observation time to be announced)
Accompanying persons: bandit
e-mail address: shiuangwang@yahoo.com
◎ charging methods: half-day class once a week (three hours), each class of 500 yuan, 16 times of 8000 yuan.
◎ predetermined location:
The outskirts of Taipei (eg, past activities Yangmingshan region Tianmu Trail, Juan silk waterfalls, ancient Shenzhen, Ping top; within the lake region in the major groove Creek gold surface of the mountain; Xinyi District, Tiger Mountain, Xiangshan; Metropolitan Park, such as the Botanical Garden, National Taiwan University
Park, ...)
Of ◎ course Elements:
- Unless absolutely necessary, children need to independently take care of themselves or get assistance from students and teachers of
- Unless the parents of photography or other work requirements, as far as possible to maintain their enjoyment of the natural state, not on behalf of the child do the job and interference.
- Parents have any questions can be raised for discussion at an appropriate time or after school. The record of the parents have to is to be completed within two weeks after the course record (in English or Chinese).
- Backpack will bring notebook, pen, water bottle, snacks, clothing, raincoats.
- Refreshments are free from the children in the activities of hunger, should consider the amount of activity requires three hours of a child to avoid the principle of moving the extra load (to taste). Unless the activity requires (too cold days
Waiting, play in the water), the ban on high-calorie, low-nutrition packaged foods (the Junya sister, shrimp first, Pringles potato chips and the like).
◎ About the Instructors:
Wang Xu Aung (bandits)
2004/Present: PhD, the Normal Sheng Kesuo (three kinds of sea snakes of the width of the end of exercise behavior and adaptation)
1996/99: Master, National Taiwan Normal University Institute of Biology (Akao bamboo silk ethnic sexes in different proportions)
1987/91: BA, Chinese Culture University, Department of Biology
Research Experience:
2008: Green Island waters reptiles investigated
2003/2004: The person in charge of Herpetological Survey (Shimen Reservoir catchment land animal survey)
2000: Amphibians and Reptiles of Northern Taiwan survey, long-term monitoring of the Taiwan amphibians (Normal University Department of Biology)
1998/99: high altitude and amphibious reptiles research (Normal University Department of Biology)
1996/99: thesis the Akao bamboo silk ethnic sexes in different proportions of the (Normal University Department of Biology)
1995/96: Mikado pheasant radio tracking study (Endemic Species Research and Conservation Center)
1995: Taiwan waters two commons bottlenose dolphins (Department of Zoology at National Taiwan University)
1993: the long-term ecological research in northern Taiwan frogs agglomeration (Normal University Department of Biology)
1988/91: the distribution of climbing wooden lizard and classification study (Culture University, Department of Biology)
Teaching experience:
2001/Present: Experience the natural course instructors
2010/2011: Taiwan's tourist Part-time Lecturer
2005: China University of Science and Technology Part-time Lecturer
The 1996/Present: tertiary and other levels of schools invited lecturer at hundreds of hours of
1996/97: Normal Department of Biology, Invertebrate Zoology assistant
Teaching experience:
Present: National Taiwan Normal University Sheng Kesuo doctoral Kuroshio Marine Cultural and Educational Foundation consultant and freelance writer
2001/02: The Kuroshio Ocean Cultural and Educational Foundation chief executive
1990/91: Kenting National Park, a nature guide.

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