Book Recommendation: Calm and Compassionate Children - A Handbook

In the crazy world that is Taiwan, it's very easy to get caught up in the hustle, the bustle, and the disorganisation of daily life.  I'm often to be found in the library's "Parenting" section, looking for books to help keep me focused on a calmer life for my kids.  I recently came upon a gem:

Calm and Compassionate Children - A Handbook by Susan Usha Dermond.  Dermond is the founder a director of the Portland, Oregon, Living Wisdom School.  This school is "a non-profit elementary school that emphasizes nonsectarian spiritual principles and practical skills for living." (From back cover.)

The handbook is really full of practical ideas that can fit easily into your daily life.  Dermond uses lots of examples from her school to illustrate how changes can work.  What I like most about the book, though, is the reading list at the back of the book.  We have started reading books from the list and my children are really feeling inspired (as I am).

There are several copies of this book in the Taipei City Library.  Shelf number: 372.019 D435.

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