[July 16-20] Summer Camp in Neihu (English)

I'm involved in organising this Summer Camp in Neihu.  Basically, a group of us have bilingual children and we wanted to arrange a camp/class that was more like a Summer Camp you would attend back in the US/NZ/similar education system, at a reasonable price.  We also wanted to give parents with skills some opportunity to share the skills and perhaps get back into teaching if they have been away.            

The camp is open to anyone age 6 through 12.  Your kids will need to have a reasonable level of English, as this is not an English-teaching camp.  It's a camp in English.
A week of enriching activities for our kids. Half-day drama camp and half-day other classes, all in English. A chance for parents to get a little time off and for our kids to meet other English-speakers in a meaningful course.

Mornings: *Pet Care *Introduction to Cursive Writing *Cooking for Kids *Paper/book making *Sewing *Games Morning

Afternoons: A drama teacher will help children prepare a play, props, and costumes, to be performed Friday afternoon to family and friends. Joanne is a 3rd-year drama student at Wen-Hua University. She is enthusastic and passionate about drama, and is excited to have this opportunity to teach the session. Having spent the six years of her life in the US, she speaks very good English.

Cost: $450/session (2250 for 5 mornings, 2250 for 5 afternoons. Sign up for the week for just $3500)
Times : Daily 10am-12 noon, 1pm-3pm. Supervised lunch break
Lunch cost 100/day or bring your own
Target age group: 6-12 years (going into first grade in September or older)
Target audience: Children don't have to be native English speakers, but they need to be OK in an all-English situation.
Registration by May 30th, please, including deposit (non-refundable) of $1,000 per child.
Transport Options: Bus 630 stops at door. Da Hu MRT a five-min walk.
Facebook Page for the Event.

Or fill in the sign-up page on the website.

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