Songshan Cultural and Creative Park - Lego and Barbie and That's Not All!

Nature goes wild in the heart of Taipei.

Who would have imagined an old Tobacco Plant could be turned into such an amazing cultural and artistic center?  I remember coming here over ten years ago, to see the Beastie Boys perform at a Free Tibet concert.  At that time, the area was rough, and I was fearful it was going to be torn down and turned into highrises.  Yet, here it is, a wonderful venue for art and culture, and a very safe place to let children of all ages run around in a safe environment, without fear of being run over by cars or scooters.

We parked in the carpark under the elementary school by the park.  The guard told me that was really the best place to park.  There are many buses and an MRT station nearby, too.
Well sign-posted.

We had tickets to the Lego exhibit so we headed over to the area.

Bilingual map.

Wooden decking leads to the cafe and bathrooms.

Lots and lots of great things to see.

Such a temptation; Run baby, run!

Lots of grassy area to enjoy.

Wild, open spaces.

Way down there is the entry to the Lego Exhibit.

The "Nathan Sawaya Art of Brick" Lego exhibit is doing the international rounds.  In Taipei until October 14th, it's actually a very artistic installation and not really aimed at children.  Because the models are not put up far from visitors, I saw many parents with toddlers getting frustrated with their kids.  It was just too tempting for the little ones. Especially the dinosaur!  My children (6 and 8 years) were old enough to appreciate some of the art ideas behind the models.  My daughter was told off for walking too fast and cried, but that was our only issue.  The poor custodians were very busy making sure people didn't fall on the models.

My son's favorite model.

Cost is 250/person, 220/students, with little ones free.  I was lucky enough to get tickets off Gomaji, so they were half-price.  I don't think I would have been excited if we had paid 250 each.  It was great for adults or older children with some artistic inclination but I wouldn't recommend it for real little ones.  We went during the week and it was not crowded at all.  They are selling a lot of LEGO items in the store at the exit of the exhibit.

Yay! Barbie!  I found some of my Barbies in there.

Great value is the TWD80 tickets to see five exhibits by local artists. Barbie was included in this.  You get an armband that gets you into the five exhibits.   My kids LOVED the moving buckets and the room with the fake mirror.  Very dark, very scary, very cool.

I highly recommend the giftshop to find things to take home for friends and family.  The items in the store have a high design aesthetic, and the price range is wide enough to cater for every budget.
No misunderstanding this sign.

I recommend this park as a place to go and relax with your baby or toddler to let them run around, with your older children to introduce them to art and culture, or for yourself to get a break from the chaos of daily Taipei life.

Address: No. 133, Guangfu South Road, Xinyi District, Taipei (Please access from No.553, Sec. 4, Zhongxiao E. Rd)
Official Site: http://www.songshanculturalpark.org/en/

Opening hours:
Inside the park: Indoor areas: 9:00a.m.~6:00p.m. Inside the park: Outdoor areas: 8:00a.m.~10:00p.m.
Outside the park (including the Ecology Pond and areas surrounding the boiler room): Open 24 hours
The above hours are general opening hours. During special circumstances such as exhibitions or activities, the hours will be posted on the park’s official website and social networking platforms.

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  1. Friends have noted that the only food available at the moment is a rather "high-brow" cafe. There is a drink vending machine. Take snacks for little ones. I never really think about the food part as I take snacks from home.


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