Homeschooling In Taiwan - Useful English Sites and Information

A few days ago, I posted this information on a forum.  I am re-posting it here so it will get catalogued with my other information on homeschool options in Taiwan.

If you use facebook, join the "Learn@Home In Taiwan" group. This is co-ordinated by what I consider the most pro-active homeschooling family in Taiwan that I know. Dorota Wernik and Tim Chen have recently published a book about homeschooling in Taiwan, (in Chinese), they sometimes appear on TV talking about homeschooling in Taiwan, and they hold presentations and meetups for those interested (bilingual, posted on FB page). Their daughter recently made a documentary with two other homeschoolers about the difficulties she faces as a figure-skater in Taiwan, for local television:

Here's a link to the book: http://www.books.com.tw/exep/prod/booksfile.php?item=0010542412

Here is the site they run: Taiwan Homeschool Advocates).  They run regular events such as outings to museums, educational tours, and playdates for homeschooled children. You can see the list and how to sign up (bilingual) here: http://2t.chen-wernik.net/

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  1. Thanks for this resource! We are moving to Taiwan soon and will be home schooling.


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