National Taiwan Science Education Center Summer 2012

Definitely a regular "must-do" for those with children kindergarten-age or older (or even younger if you are looking for a nice play space, in the basement of the center), the National Taiwan Science Education Center has permanent and special exhibits throughout the year.

We recently visited the museum, in particular to see the Secrets of Emperor Qin Shihuang’s Mausoleum and the Terracotta Warriors and Horses Exhibition. While we were there, we also got to see the beautifully arranged Our Land Our Story –Environmental Aerial Film and Photo Exhibition.  Running until November 30th 2012 and free as part of the ticket entry to the museum, the aerial images by Chi Po-Lin are breathtaking.  Chi aims to not only show you the beauty of Taiwan, but also highlight the damage we are doing to the island through our thoughtless acts.  It is part 2D and part 3D.  Certainly not only for children.

Learning about semiconductors.
Another special exhibit that was "really cool" was the semiconductor exhibit.  It's really hands-on.  My son sent my friend an email using the tools available, and my daughter drove a virtual car to learn about conservation and fuel consumption.
Green transporation.

The 3D moving theater in the basement is an experience.  You start in a little room (standing up, no chairs) where you see an introduction video.  Then, you go into the theater and belt yourself into your seat.  We watched a 10-minute segment of "Yogi Bear", where the bears are flying an old plane.  The seats move round so you feel like you are going up, down, left, and right.  My kids thought we were going to see the whole movie so were disappointed when it stopped so soon.  I was pretty happy to get out of the chair!  This was in Chinese and I wasn't offered any headphones.  Tickets are TWD100 each.

Official website: http://en.ntsec.gov.tw/User/index.aspx
Address: N0.189 Shihshang Road, Shihlin, Taipei, Taiwan 111, R.O.C Tel: 886-2-66101234
Holidays, summer/winter vacation:9:00am-6:00pm | Tuesday-Friday:9:00am-5:00pm

Closed on Monday ( Summer/winter vacation exceptions)

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