Our Family Trip to Kenting

In an attempt to get out of the never-ending rain, we recently took three weekdays to travel to the Southern beach town of Kenting.  This was a pretty quick trip, as two half-days were used traveling, but we still managed to spend a whole day swimming at the beach. I want to give a summary of our trip to help you plan your very own trip down South!

How to get there:
We drove down from Taipei.  We should have traveled Highway 3 the whole way, really.  You can also take Highway 1 to Jiayi and then switch.  It had been many years since my husband had been down South, so he didn't realise Highway 3 now extends to Pingdong.  It would have taken us about 4 1/2 hours had we driven the right way.  We also had our dog with us, so we stopped at a few rest areas along the way, taking more time.

Some things along the way:
Rest areas have come a long way since I last visited. They are like shopping malls now!

View from rest area

Not much traffic on Highway 3.
When we got there:

It was already dark when we arrived.  We had our rather large dog with us, so our accomodation options were limited by that, but we still had quite a few options.  It is low season right now, and midweek you can get some fantastic deals on rooms.  We got a room with three double-beds and a balcony for the dog for $1,600 overlooking the ocean.

The second day:
We found a place at Banana Bay that was just wonderful, for under $3,000.  That included four full cooked breakfasts, and a beautiful suite with two double beds.  Then, we went for a day at the beach. 

"Sea View B&B" at Banana Bay (海景民宿)
(08)885-15600/0928-957-600 Ruby; facebook/海景民宿

Day Three:
On our third morning, we merely enjoyed our breakfast, and then headed back North around noon.  We took Highway 3 back most of the way.  There is less traffic and it is a more scenic drive.

This trip, my husband drove down. I had been hestitant because of the distance and highway traffic, but actually it is now really easy! And don't worry about accomodation during the low season.   There are so many places to choose from! 

If you can read some Chinese, you will find this site helpful in selecting accomodation before you go.


  1. Is it possible to rent a car in Taipei? We were chatting about doing it for trips like this. Thanks for all your great blog posts!

  2. Hi Becky! Yes, it is possible to rent a car in Taipei. You could contact Autocheckers: http://actaiwan.com/, Jamie's tel. no: 0939-090-807. I remember reading that Jamie has a couple of cars for rent, and he probably knows the best place to go if he is not doing that. I'd suggest calling Jamie soon to get the info, as he is moving away for a year sometime in the near future.

    You can also rent a car in Kaohsiung at the airport or train station, if you wanted to fly or take the train down there and then drive the last part. There is are also rental cars and bikes in Kenting. I'm not sure of pricing for these services.

    I'm adding information about the place I stayed at Banana Bay, but there are tons of places to stay at, from the very cheap to the top of the range.

  3. Crazy! We just went to Kending, too. I'll post photos soon. BTW: Changed the blog URL to http://jababwei.blogspot.com -- no more cupcakes this year. I'm on a diet! :+)

  4. Thanks Katrina! By the way, I passed your clearance info along to some Taiwan friends. Hopefully it will help!


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