Y17 : Indoor Playspace for Children of All Ages

With the weather in Taipei so unpredictable, it's important to keep some indoor spaces in reserve for those days when the children need to run but there's nowhere to go.  The great thing about Y17 is it is a one-stop indoor space for children and adults, so you can entertain everyone in your family.

These pictures on the Chinese site show the different floors in the building.  You can see the:
  • Climbing wall
  • Rollerlading rink
  • Baby/toddler playroom
  • Classroom area (for dance, language, music, gymnastics...they have TONS of classes)
  • Gym
  • Restaurants
  • Bookshop
  • Concert Hall
The playarea on the third floor is a wonderful place to take your little ones (from a few months old to kindergarten; first graders are not allowed in the area) when you need a break and they need to let off steam.  There are three rooms, which are filled with toys and tools to keep the children busy.  The last time I went, there was a playhouse and car area, infant room, sandroom, balloonroom, climbingframe and ballpool, and a puzzle area.  To get puzzles, look in the catalog, show the lady at the counter which one you want, and give them a piece of ID to borrow the puzzle.  The area is open all day until about 9pm, with breaks for lunch and dinner.  Your ticket is good for the fullday.  You buy tickets on the first floor (the counter on your left when you walk in).  You can buy single tickets or a book of tickets.  Everyone in the playarea need to wear socks.  If you forget, they sell them at the playarea.  There is an eating area outside the playspace, so you can take a picnic or snacks.  Alternatively, eat at the coffeeshop on the first floor or Chinese restaurant in the basement.

The rollerblading rink is a good place to take older children to play.  All the gear you need is for hire.  You can also join rollerblading classes.  They might also like using the climbing wall upstairs.  You can ask about different classes available at the front counter.

This year, their Flea Market will be every Saturday.  You can sell your own things from home or go and pick up some great bargains.  They also have a book exchange program.  I can't find the time for the Flea Market but here is some Chinese information.

There is a carpark in the basement, and street parking around the building.

Address: 台北市仁愛路一段17號 (Taipei City, Ren-ai Road Sec 1, No. 17 - near the corner of Lin-sen South Road)
Tel: (02)2343-2388
Near MRT stops: CKS Memorial Hall Exit 5; NTU Hospital Exit 2.
See a Chinese map here.

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