Discovery Center of Taipei - Hands-on, Absorbing, Free!

Situated in Taipei City Hall (a short walk from Taipei 101, near the Hyatt Hotel) is a delightful educational center introducing the history, landscape, and modern culture of Taipei city to young and old.  It's a real little hands-on adventure for children, and there is enough English information for non-Chinese speaking parents to get some interesting information.

The exhibits seem to change now and then, as we have been three times and each time it has been a little different.  This time, there was a section where you sit on an exercise bike or stand on a skateboard to make street scenes move, and a movie about literature in Taipei that you start by pulling a book on a desk.  There is the permanent city scape that you walk over, and a discovery center where you can touch the different rocks that are under the city.

The center is spread over four floors.  There is elevator access and it is wheelchair and stroller-friendly.  With elementary-school children you might spend an hour inside, not including the movie that runs at set times throughout the day.  You can get audio kits at the information desk on the first floor (on your right when you walk into the building).  The giftshop on the first floor has some reasonably-priced, quality gifts, too.  It's definitely a nice place to escape hot weather or break up a rainy day.

The English website has a few pictures to give you an idea of what is inside, and a printable map and address.

Address: No.1, Sh fu Rd. Xinyi Dist, Taipei City 11008, Taiwan (R.O.C.) West Door of the Administration Building (facing Renai Rd.)

Website: http://www.discovery.taipei.gov.tw/
Open Hours: Tuesday~Sunday: 09:00~17:00, Free admission
Closed: Monday, National Holidays


  1. I just found your blog! It is fantastic. I look forward to using all of this great information as we get to Taiwan next year. Thanks you!

  2. Smallbits, I'm glad you like the blog. I hope it helps you prepare for the trip or at least ease your mind about coming here with kids.


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