It's Cold! Why Not Iceskate? Taipei Arena Iceskating Rink

This is an option I had never considered!  The Taipei Arena (the beautiful arena at the corner of Tunhwa North Road and Nanking East Road, Taipei) boasts an iceskating rink, open to the public, and with rentals available.  At $190 for two hours, plus $80 for rental of equipment, it is a good option for these rainy, cold days.  I am not sure exactly what the lower age limit is, as the site only mentions that children under 7 need to be accompanied by an adult.

The English site is pretty comprehensive.  Just run your mouse over the informational headings to find out what you need to know.


  1. We love ice skating at the Arena! There is no set lower age limit, but the smallest ice skates they have will only fit a large 3-year-old or older child. We took our two boys a few weeks ago, and the smallest skates were almost too big for our 3-year-old. Something to keep in mind.

    You also are REQUIRED to wear gloves and they don't have them for rent, so be sure to bring some for everyone. You are allowed to bring your own helmet or use theirs--if your kids have their own well-fitting bike helmets already, I would bring them, as I found the Arena's helmets didn't fit as snugly as I would have liked.


  2. Thanks for that information! It's really helpful.


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