Yu Cheng Park Swimming Pool - Huge Outdoor Children's Pool

A lot of families like to visit Nankang Sports Center and use the two small children's pools.  But, did you know that just one street over is an older pool, with an enormous outdoor children's pool, outdoor lap-pool, and indoor pools and spa area, too? 

Situated in Yu Cheng Park (玉成公園), the indoor pool is open all year round, and the outdoor pools are open over the summer months (May to September).  The outdoor pool is perfect for children learning to swim, as it's deep enough for them do freestyle without hitting the bottom, but shallow enough for them to stand up to breathe. There is also a toddler pool with a little slide area, and a very big water slide.  Prices are public pool prices (about 100 for adults, 50 for children, but I can't remember exactly).  Staff are fairly easy-going, but they have one rule you have to remember - put your bags in a locker or outside, not in the indoor pool area.

There is a public carpark under the park itself.

No. 55 Chong-Po South Road, Nankang Area, Taipei

Tel: 2727-1075

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