Muzha Recycling Plant Park - Fantastic for children and dogs

The incinerator chimney painted to look like a happy giraffe is a bit of an icon in Muzha.  You can see it from the highway and from many spots along the roads of Muzha.  A well-kept secret is the gigantic park on the hills near that chimney.  The entrance to the park is on Muzha Road, past the entrance to Highway Three, toward ShenKeng.  There is a sign marking the entrance, on the left if coming from Muzha.  Follow the winding road up the hill to the carpark areas.

The park was set up in 2004, in a successful effort to beautify an otherwise undesirable fact of modern life; incinerators and landfills.

The iconic chimney

Grass skiing fields - if you are lucky, you can catch some of the enthusiasts practicing

The area is dog-friendly, soccer-friendly, kite friendly...

Name of the park in Chinese: 福德坑公園

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