CLOSED UNTIL MARCH 2011 Robot Museum (Peitou)

I heard about this place through a friend. It's supposed to be suitable for elementary-aged children. There are working robots and a lot of models. I am going to visit over the winter break and will give it a review. In the meantime, here are the opening hours and contact information:

機器人博物館 (Robot Museum)
台北市北投區學園路2號 (Peitou district, Xue Yuan Rd. No.2) : The University of Engineering at the very top of the hill, not the University of Traditional Arts, which is No. 1
The building is well sign-posted, and is a bit of a trek up the hill of the campus.  The actual museum is on the 4th floor.
電話:02-2894-3356 分機 (extn) 168
開館時間:星期一~五 9:30-17:00 週六日休館 (Open Mon-Fri, 9:30am-5pm) Break for lunch 12-1pm

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  1. It's been awhile since we've gone. Let us know when you go to the robot and Barbie museums during the break! Here's the link to our visit in 2008




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