Website: Center for Cultural Affairs - Excellent Chinese-language Resource

This site is beautifully done, and full of material to enrich a child's experience with Mandarin, Taiwanese, and with Taiwan itself.  It is all in Chinese, so if you cannot read, it is not that easty to navigate.  So, below I have set up links to a few areas that once you get into them, you can really enjoy them.  You can just choose randomly by looking at the images, or rely on your children to work through it for you.

Kyle's teacher recommended this story section to us.  The stories are designed to stimulate children into thinking about their own story endings, and how the stories can be applied to their own lives.  They are animated, and have characters and pronunciation symbols, to help children recognise more Chinese characters.  My children love watching these stories and talking about the material.

Another section has stories with more of a cultural focus.

And this section introduces a number of different topics related to art and culture.  I just finished the story of Van Gogh.  I can use it to practise my Chinese and learn something, too.  Oh, that's right, it's for the kids!  Sometimes, I forget and just enjoy these things myself.

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