Keelung Indigenous Cultural Hall

This small, unassuming cultural hall is situated right before the bridge to Hoping (Peace) Island, just off Keelung.  There are five floor to the hall.  Three floors are set up as a museum.  The displays are all within reach/view of children, and the day we went the guide encouraged the children to touch the displays, try the instruments, and even sit inside the large wooden bowls made for making sticky rice.  At the back of the hall, there is a short walkway with a small swingbridge, and stairs to a platform overlooking the northcoast ocean and Keelung Harbor.  There is a large carpark.

We happened to arrive at 3pm the day we went, right when the A-Mei tribe were performing some songs and dances.  The guide told me, that this week (October 15, 2010) is the last week they are doing this show and guided tour.  They work for the government and move to a different location every six months.  Sadly, they couldn't tell me when they will be there again.

There is currently no English signage within the museum, so you will need to prepare by perhaps looking up some information online about Taiwan indigenous cultures if you want to turn it into a more educational trip and don't read Chinese.  Entry is free, making it a very nice little excursion and first introduction to things cultural for kids. 

Hours: Tues-Fri, 9am-5pm
Entrance fee:  Free
Address: 基隆市中正區海濱里正濱路一一六巷七十五號  (Jilong City, JongJung District, Hai Bing Area, Jung Bing Road, Lane 116, No. 75 - "原住民文化會館"
Directions: Drive toward Hoping/Peace Island (和平島), looking out for the sign on the right, just before the bridge to the island.  The building is a few hundred meters along the lane.

Note:  There is also a nice park at Hoping Island, but it is currently under construction.  You can watch the people fishing, buy some fresh fish, and walk through some historic streets on the island if you have time, too.

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