Taipei Metro BeiTou Resort

The Taipei Metro Bei Tou Resort was buillt for employee training during construction of the Bei Tou Electric and Machinery Plant.  In 2004, it was opened to the public.  It boasts an indoor children's playground, swimming pool, gym, basketball court, coin-operated games.

Membership:  $200/per year.  You need two ID photos to apply for the membership card.
Play Area: $60 for 1hr 50mins for members, $90 for nonmembers (take socks, parents free)
Parking: $40/car (no time limit)

Hours: 3pm~10pm Monday to Friday, 9am~10pm Holidays, Summer and Winter Vacation

Address: No. 88, Lane 527, DaYe Rd., BeiTou Dist., Taipei City (112臺北市北投區大業路527巷88號)
Tel: (02) 2893-0105
Website: http://btresort.trtc.com.tw/

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