Wan-Hua Sports Center - Child-friendly pool & center

Situated in Shimending, Wan-Hua Sports Center is one of the newer sports facilities in Taipei City. 

The swimming  pool is really nice for families to go to.  The children's pool is up to 90cm deep and is long enough to actually have kids practice swimming in if you would like.  They also have a small waterspa/sauna area and a 6-lane pool.  The changing rooms are large, clean, and have hot water, although you do need to supply your own soap and shampoo.  There is a zero-entry pool lane option, with wheelchair access right to the poolside, where you then transfer to a seat that lowers into the water.  They have regular group swim classes for children including a swim club with a real training kind of feel to it. Pool cost is 110TWD for adults, 80TWD for students, and 50TWD for children under 12years.

The center has a very large padded area on the 1st floor for children to run and play in.  Parents can get a coffee at Ikari and then enjoy it at tables while they watch their kids play inside the playroom.  The room is free to use.

There is also a climbing wall, paintball area, golf range, tabletennis, basketball, gym, dance room, spinning (bike) classes, and other areas and activities to join in the building.  There is a small soccer field out front complete with nets, and a park next to the building.

Address:  Shi-Ning South Road No.6-1 (near the National Tax Office in Shimending) - Easy to get to by MRT or bus, with underground parking for vehicles up to 2m high.
Tel: 02-23818878
Website: http://whsc.cyc.org.tw/


  1. These are springing up everywhere and seems the layouts and features are similar. It's so great. We've been to the one near Shilin nightmarket. A lot of the same features and also an Ikari to veg at.... and one just down the road from us on DaLong Street (close to the intersection with Minquan West Road).

    I hope they get the support they need to stay open!

  2. These are part of city planning, to have one sports center for each district. Some of the earlier ones especially are not so child-friendly. For example, Chungshan sports center is really nice, but... boys over 5 cannot go into the women's change rooms, there is no family changing room, the floors are quite slippery, the children's pool is all very shallow and the adult pool very deep so not so great if you have kids around kindergarten age. The newer ones like Wan-Hua and Nankang have been built with more consideration toward families wanting to swim.


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