Garden Mall - flower market, DIY area, artspace, coffeeshops all-in-one

We recently attended a wedding at Garden Mall's banquet hall.  This space is a new and exciting discovery for me.  It is a very nicely laid-out flowermarket with outdoor spaces, DIY activities, art-inspired exhibits, and outdoor coffeeshops, all right on Yenping North Road in Shilin District of Taipei.  This is a very nice, safe area for young children, as all the flooring is wooden, and there are no cars driving through the activity areas.  They have herb-flavored ice-cream and teas for sale, as well as little craft items.

The official website does not seem to be working, but you can search "gardenmall" and get some links that work (Chinese).  There are some private blogs introducing the area, but they have many pictures and may take time to upload.

Entrance to the Garden Mall is free. There is carparking right in the complex.  Cost is 30TWD per hour to a maximum of 300TWD.

Address: Taipei City, Shi-Lin District, Yen-Ping North Road, Sec 7, No. 18-2
Tel: 02-2810-1969

Buses: Red 10, 215, 246, 536

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