Buying English books in Taiwan

Generally speaking, English books in Taiwan are expensive and don't always cater to the needs of expat families.  There are two great places to shop, though:

Cherry Valley Bookstore : Operating in Tienmu near Taipei American School as well as online, Cherry Valley Books is run by an expat dad and Taiwanese mom.  They endeavour to supply reasonably priced books, including periodic sales of secondhand books they bring in from abroad.

Book Depository : With free shipping offered worldwide, this is a great option for buying books online. It works out cheaper than amazon, and means you don't have pressure to buy more than that one book you need. Book Depository is growing fast, and they have a really nice selection of books if you are looking to supplement your child's English reading and education.

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  1. Another great option, although you need a friend with a Taiwanese ID is books.com.tw
    The books are quickly and cheaply shipped to your nearest 7/11 (orders over 400NT have free shipping). All orders are COD so you pay when you pick them up at 7/11.

    The amount of English books they have available is just incredible but the website isn't that english friendly so the easiest way to find books is by doing a search for what you're looking for on Amazon and copy the ISBN you can search for it on the books.com.tw website.

    Again it's not the most english friendly site in the world, and they don't allow you to order with an ARC ID so you may need some help from a Taiwanese friend but I've been able to find books I've never thought I'd be able to get in Taiwan.


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