Taipei City Playgroup

This is an informal, casual playgroup that meets every Wednesday morning at various locations around Taipei City, as well as holding events (Easter,Christmas, and two charity rummage sales) throughout the year.

There are over 150 members on the list.  The events can have between 50 and 100 members and their families attending.  Turnout for Wednesday playgroup is anywhere from a couple of children to 15 or 20.

There are no fees, no obligations, and no restrictions on who can attend.  It is an English-language playgroup which was set up by parents wanting to give their mixed-heritage children a regular place to use English and to meet children like themselves in Taiwan, but the group has grown to include adults and children from all over the world and all kinds of family situations.

If you would like to attend don't feel shy about it!  Parents who attend are friendly and willing to share a lot of information about parenting in Taiwan, even they might seem busy with their children or chatting with others when you first arrive. 

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  1. Hi, I am travelling to Taipei for 6 weeks at the end of this month. Are there any activities suited to young babies (7 months)? In NZ, we have "Wriggle and Rhyme" every week at our local libraries where babies and toddlers sing songs/dance/engage in sensory stimuli and develop body awareness, and best of all, its all free! I don't mind if it's all in Chinese, I'm happy to mix and mingle with other mums and dads. Thanks in advance for any advice you can part with.

  2. Hi,

    The public library has storytime for infants and toddlers, in Chinese and English. If you google taipei city library bookstart you should find the schedule. You can also check out the https://www.facebook.com/moooonspring Mooonspring Cafe. My friend Jennifer Chau runs a Kindermusik class there, and it's a great space for families. There also lots of community centres that have rooms for young children now. Here is a more up-to-date list of places to go https://fouryearsintaiwan.wordpress.com/2014/08/22/inside-playtime-in-taipei/ I hope that gets you started! Also check out Indoor spaces and Activity centers from the lineup on the right of this blog.


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