Forumosa.com - How to Join the Women's Forum

This post is a bit of an experiment in getting information "out there", so if there are men who follow this blog, please don't feel alienated!

First of all, let me say http://www.forumosa.com/ is a great place to get information about practically anything Taiwan-related.  There are a number of people on the forum who carry a fountain of knowledge about Taiwan, and if you can take the hard time you might get when you post there, it can be a great place to have an online discussion with other expats in Taiwan.

It's not well-known that http://www.forumosa.com/ also has a Women's Forum, which is only open to women.  It is a place where you women can comfortably discuss issues or ask questions specifically related to women, with women.  I recently attended a get-together of members of the Women's Forum, and it was really refreshing to be with a diverse mix of just women, especially here in Taiwan where it can be hard to find women in situations similar or even different to yours to share fun times with.

For instructions on how to sign up to the Women's Forum on Forumosa, follow this link:

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