Dec19-Jan17 2010 - Fantasy Garden Exhibits

2010 will see Taipei hosting an International Flower Show.  Whilst personally I am not too impressed with how they have destroyed the Taipei Art Museum Park or started building permanent fixtures for the exhibits*, the event might bring some color to the city, and their first event at Da-An Park is supposed to be very nice.

Events at Da-An Park:
Jan 2: Some kind of music event from 2:30 until 4:30pm, at the music stage
Jan 3: Flower song from 4pm until 5pm, at the children's performance stage
Jan 9: Modern dance from 3pm until 4pm, at the music stage
Jan 10: Impressionist performance from 3pm until 4pm, at the dance stage
Jan 17: Flower song from 3pm until 4pm, at the children's performance stage

Da-An Park Address: Between Hsin-Yi Road Sec 2, Jien-Guo South Road, He-Ping East Road Sec 1, and Hsin-Sheng South Road.

Transport:  Lots of buses; MRT Muzha Line to Da-An Station and walk 10 minutes; drive and park in the underground carpark for 30TWD/hr

The Taipei Water Park also has a flower garden that is open from Dec 19 until Jan 17.  Entry is free.  This is the park at Gong-guan, Shui-Yuan Road.

*Christchurch, New Zealand also host a huge annual flower show.  It boast elaborate exhibits and a lot of different shows, classes, etc.  The whole thing is temporary, and the parks it is held at come out unscathed when everything is removed.  I just don't see why Taipei has to go and destroy some perfectly good parks to put up these fixtures, especially in this day and age when we are supposed to care about the environment and lessen waste.

Official site:  http://www.2010taipeiexpo.tw/welcome/welcome.html

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