Trip To Tainan - Holocaust Museum

A few weeks ago, we went to Tainan, because my son was performing in the musical Zeelandia there.  We managed to visit a few places over the space of three days.  I'll share them with you on the blog as I get to them.

I'm starting with the interesting one that is not really related to children.  On our drive out of Tainan, I spotted a church that is also Taiwan's only Holocaust Museum. 

It is also reputed to be the world's smallest Holocaust museum.

I think it's probably the only one to be situated opposite a 7-11.

You can read about Messianic Judaism here.

We were lucky to run into the congregation and find out a little about the church and museum, even though we could not get in at such short notice. I hope we can get a chance to visit and learn more about this church and the history they want to share. 

They have a good number of English speakers in the congregation.

Location: Close to BaoAn station, Tainan County, Taiwan
22° 55' 45.8904" N, 120° 13' 51.5964" E
‧10人以上團體:參觀時間為每週二 ~ 週六。 個人或少數:參觀時間為週六。(請提前一周預約) Groups of 10 or more can visit Tues-Sat.  Less than 10, please come Saturday. Everyone needs to book one week in advance.

‧酌收清潔費:大人(國小以上) 100元。 小孩(國小以下)50元。 Adults NT100, children NT50

預約之後,將會有專門導覽人員以及授課,由於本館空間有限,故透過解說,可更加的了解本館的意義及精隨。A dedicated guide will give you a tour and explain everything to you.

預約電話:(06) 266-1802
E-mail : logos4ac@yahoo.com.tw

*For information on religions in Taiwan and internationally, I highly recommend The Museum of World Religions.

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