Dahu Park Swimming Pool - Mixed Feelings, Mixed Review

A couple of months ago, there was much buzz in the expat community about the newly-renovated Dahu Park swimming pool. Situated a very short walk from Dahu MRT Station, with a 50-meter outdoor pool right next to the beautiful park grounds, it was going to be a haven for us with children who love the water.

We visited it a few times in June.  The first couple of times, I was pretty impressed.  The outdoor pool is nice and open. There is an indoor pool and spa area.  The toddler's pool is quite nicely done.  The shower and toilet facilities are also nice and new.  So, what happened to make me change my mind and, with sadness, report that it is not that awesome?

  • Showers:
Twice, the women's shower room has been flooded.  That means, we were all walking through ankle-deep water, with empty soap packs floating on top.

  • Toilets:
They smell. Bad.  So bad that my daughter refuses to go in to them.

  • Spa:
Last week, one of our friend's daughter pointed out the layer of skin scum floating on top of the spa pool. It was clearly visible.
  • Slippery Floors:
I guess it's the result of the sheer number of visitors to the pool, but at the same time, I don't understand why the pool has to have a constant layer of water over the walking areas around it.  It's a bit gross, and more importantly, dangerous because the tiles are so slippery.

  • Kiddie Pool:
It is now full of plastic ducks.  If a child falls under the ducks, nobody will be see her.  The ducks are also getting moldy.  Last year I finally got the plastic balls out of our local pool.  Don't people understand the dangers of not being able to see the bottom of a kiddie pool?

  • Outdoor Pool:
OK, this one is a bit of a whine and probably not too consequential. The newly-set-up sun shelter is ugly and not really well thought out.  The beautiful view has been spoiled by the construction.  The sun shelter seems to be going the wrong way. If it was set from the building out, you could also cover the walkway and not the entire pool all day when the shade was in use.

The sheer number of people using the pool may be part of the challenge for this pool.  I hope they find a way to solve some of these problems, especially as summer starts.  Extra cleaning times and a study of the drainage issue might be a place to start.

The cafe on the second floor is very nice, I have to say.  The service and food both exceeded my expectations.  We took a group of children to the restaurant, and most could find something on the menu that they liked.  They do not cater for allergies, and the dishes are mostly creamier-style "Italian" food. It is good and fresh.  You also have a great view of the MRT, park, and pool.

In summary, it's not a bad place to go with your kids.  Just check out the pool's cleanliness, and keep an eye on your children when they are out of the pool.

Dahu Park Pool:
  • Take the MRT to MRT Dahu Park Station. The park is a short walk from Exit 2.
    Public buses: Take the following buses to Dahu Park bus stop – 247, 247 Express, 247 Shuttle, 284, 287, 287 Express, 287 Night, 617, 620, 630, 677, 681, 683, BR10, BR19, R2, and R31.
Opening Hours:
Pool: 5:30am-10pm
Gym: 7am-10pm

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