Summer Camp 2013 - A Chance to Let Your Children Let Off Steam, Learn New Skills, Speak English, and Meet New Friends

Further to my post about my weekly classes at Parents' Place in Neihu, I'd like to tell you about the two summer camps we are running this July and August.  Fitness Instructor Colleen Peterson and myself will share the job of taking up to twelve children through a week of fun, physical fitness, and mental exercise.

We do already have a couple of kids registered, so sign up early to avoid disappointment.

10AM-3PM (Doors open 9:30am-4pm)

Suitable for children aged 6-12 or so (entering first grade to entering Junior High), each camp is five days long and runs from 10am to 3pm each day. The camp will be run in English. Native speakers of English, and children with English as a Second or Foreign Language are all most welcome.  (Teachers do speak Chinese as a Foreign Language, but instruction will be in English.)

*Doors will open at 9:30am and close at 4pm. There will be four hours of organized activities each day.

*Cost for one camp is TWD5,000 per child. We need a minimum of six paid-up enrolments before the camp can go ahead, so please register and pay early. (Please pay by June 5th for the first camp.)

* The schedule for the two camps will be similar (fitness in the morning, quieter activities in the afternoons), but content will be different. This is to ensure children get to do a variety of activities, even if they sign up for both camps.

*Numbers limited to 12 children per camp.


10-12 noon: Teacher - Colleen Peterson
Summer Camp Fit and Fun for Kids: Let's get fit this summer, have fun, make some new friends and learn some new skills!

10:00-10:15 : warm up cardio and light weight strength training
10:20-10:30 : cardio endurance training (10 spot circuit where there will be ten different stations to run to, 1 min at each, doing heart raising activites like jump rope, star jumps etc)
10:30-10:35: pilates core workout
10:35-10:50: three legged race, egg and spoon race, sack race, tunnel ball , air volleyball, bobbing for apples,red rover, funny mummy wrap
game (each day will be a different activity)
10:50-11:00 Water and toilet break
11:00-11:50 To the park we will learn and play tee-ball

12noon-1pm Lunch Break/Rest

1pm-3pm Activity Time - Katrina Brown
Activities will include paper making, letter writing, felt craft, board games, environmental discussion, Readers Theater, science, and art. Exact activities will be finalized once we know the age group of registered children.


2F, No. 315, Section 4, ChenGong Rd, Neihu District, 台北市內湖區成功路四段315號2F, Taipei, Taiwan 114

Registration Page:  http://www.parentsplace.com.tw/Register.html

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  1. We are thinking of going to the second camp. Katherine got a lot out of it last year.


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