Homeschooling Group and Organic Farming in Taichung

Next week, Centered in Taipei magazine will publish an article I wrote about homeschooling in Taiwan.  It is packed with practical information.  So, it is quite timely that a message came through fromEdward Scott Rosenberg; a father looking for like-minded homeschoolers in Taichung.

ATTN: Homeschoolers in Taichung

My wife, our 6 year old and myself have started a small homeschooling group that caters specifically to homeschoolers in Taichung.

Why I am posting here is that we are constantly on the lookout for like minded individuals who can help us fill in the gaps in teaching, workshops and activities.

For example:
*I teach (of course) English and science based classes for free. I only ask parents to gather material for the classes.

*I have a friend who teaches Yoga to 5+ kids for only NT100 a class (adults too).

*We also have teachers that teach German and Japanese.

We organize meet ups and gatherings for support and to work as a community helping each others with all the challenges that come.

If you are interested in this and wish to contribute your time and experience to homeschooling families, contact me (
Edward Scott Rosenberg) on Facebook.

Edward mentioned he would LOVE to meet more English-speaking homeschoolers in Taichung area.

Edward is passionate about farming, and teaches people how to keep an oragnic farm in Taiwan (Taichung in particular).  He describe things so well himself, I'll use another quote.
I have a Facebook page, Taichung Urban Farmers (TUF), that I use to teach people of all ages how to grow plants (mostly edible) and how to eat healthy.

In the very near future, I plan on having free events at TUF's 20 ping mini-farm that will teach both parents and children together how to live healthier lives through organic farming practices and other self sufficiency projects.

*For those concerned, these are science based classes and can be labeled as such.

Some examples include...

*Planting and caring for plants – I teach hands on about photosynthesis, pollination, helping plants grow and things of this nature. I always give away the plants for free after teaching how to care for them. Many children love journaling the plants life. It is wonderful watching the process of children growing, caring and eating what they have grown.

*Bottle biology with recycled bottles – Fun hands on projects include learning about composting, how to make kimchee and build a TerrAqua Column model to explore the link between land and water.

*Other Recycling Bottle fun - Making self watering planters, mini greenhouses and more!

Go ahead and 'like my page' for updates and if you wish to get together for a science class (agriculture/biology), let me know and I will arrange it.

Look out for my article next week, for information about homeschooling in Taiwan.

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  1. Are you still homeschooling in Taichung? I am here for the summer and looking into what it would take to live here longer and home school.


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