"Best Pals" Training Camp - Little Triathletes (Grades 3-6)

I found this information online. It sounds like a great little camp for the athlete in the family.  All information is in Chinese.  I translated this first page, but please click on this link to get more information.  Sorry, I can't translate it all, but at least you can decide if it's something for your kids before finding someone to help you with registration.
  • 活動日期:2012/8/1(三)至8/4(六),共四天三夜 4 days, 3 nights
  • 活動地點:東北角龍門露營營區(新北市貢寮區福隆里興隆街100號) LongMen Camping Ground (near Fulong)
  • 集合時間:8/1()AM8:20~9:00,逾時不候
  • 集合地點:台北車站西三門 Meet at Taipei Stn West 3, for the 9:24 train
  • 活動對象:國小三年級~國小六年級 (民國 89年9月01日後~ 93年8月31日前出生)

  • (身心健全、男女不限、需能完成游泳25公尺) For 3rd to 6th graders, born between 1990-9-1 and 2004-8-31, need to swim 25 meters
  • 活動內容:由專業教練運用趣味方式提供游泳訓練、單車的操作、跑步的正確訓練,讓小朋友快樂接觸鐵人三項運動。Teach how to swim, bike and run properly for a triathalon.
  • 費用:每人5500(含住宿費用、園區門票、臺北至龍門的來回車資、精美TEE恤、設備租賃、結業證書、保險、餐費及點心) Cost 5500/person includes everything
  • 報名限額: 80名。Limited to 80 people
  • 報名日期:即日起至7月18日(三)止。(名額有限,額滿截止) Register before July 18, once full no more registrations will be taken
  • 主辦單位:百事特童裝名店 Sponsored by Best Pals
  • 指導單位: 協辦單位:中華民國鐵人三項運動協會 Run by ROC Triathalete Assn

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