[2012 July 21] Kids' Talent Show at Taipei Expo Park

Taipei Expo Park, now located at Xing Sheng Park, seems to run ongoing events for children.  July 21st, there will be a talent show.  Every child signed up before June 22 will get a free ticket into My Story Island (an interactive story-telling venue, lots of fun!).  There are about TWD100,000 in prizes on offer, too.

For children aged 5 to 10 (born between July 21, 2002 and July 21, 2007) who have a passion for singing or dancing, Taipei Expo Park invites them to sign up for the talent competition—application ends on June 22. Interested youngsters will need to submit a proof of visit to Pavilion of Dreams, their photos, and a performance clip for registration.
More information in English here.

To download the entry form, visit the Chinese site.

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