English-speaking Travel Agent (In Taiwan)

Finding a travel agent in Taiwan that speaks English AND gives the kind of service that I expect (timely replies to emails, help with finding better prices or times, clear information such as whether your ticket times can be changed with or without fees, arranging travel insurance...) AND in the business long-term, is always a challenge for me.  Recently, I had the pleasure of booking tickets through Teresa Kuo.  Teresa has been in the business for ten years, and hopefully she will be there for a while yet.

Her travel agency deals with both domestic and international travel and tours, so if you are coming to Taiwan you could email her to see if she has tour suggestions for you.

專業旅遊經紀人 郭嘉琪 Travel Consultant (Teresa Kuo)

華通旅行社有限公司 EGO Travel Service Agency, Co., Ltd
電話:2521-2050 2567-6910
地址:台北市中山區南京東路二段56號 6樓
6F., No.56, Sec. 2, Nanjing E. Rd., Zhongshan District, Taipei City 104, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Email: kuoocc@yahoo.com.tw (many companies in Taiwan use Yahoo or Hotmail accounts for business, so don't be put off by the personal email account)


  1. A real person who serves your real needs.

    I've been using Teresa's Travel Services for many years now. She always gives me prices similar to those fish hook prices in the newspapers that always seem to increase as you tell the agent your specific needs.

    Teresa has always given me the best possible prices, and the follow through service that other services lack (even some foreign run agents I know...I wonder whose I'm talking about)

  2. I've just run into this article while surfing the net and I must say that Teresa Kuo is definitely the best agent I had a chance to contact and use the service so far.

    I've been using her travel agent services for a few years now. And her contact I also got through a good friend from Argentina who recommended her if I ever need to get some tickets to travel around.

    Very prompt in answering e-mail, and even text messaging when sent directly to her phone. She really puts an effort in finding really affordable prices which suit my need.

    My warm suggestion, if you ever need a travel agent in Taiwan, contact Teresa, I believe you will have a great experience just as me.

  3. Teresa recently helped arrange a tour of some of the southern cities in Taiwan. She chose hotels that were ideal for my needs, and I had a very enjoyable trip. Her services also include local transportation such as mini vans, coaches or package tours around the island.

    To know someone with both excellent local knowledge and English language skills is invaluable for a Western traveller. She's always happy to help with any problems that might arise. Highly recommended!


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