A Bit of an Ego Boost: One Lovely Blog Award

I was surprised to get an email from Taiwanxifu telling me I had been awarded a “One Lovely Blog Award”.

This award is a little bit of a "self-promotional" award and comes with a few conditions, but it's still lovely to be recognised and a bit of fun in a dreary Taipei week.  Thanks, Taiwanxifu!

I now have to:
1. Link back to the blogger who gave you the award (Taiwanxifu).
2. Tell you seven facts about me you might not know.
3. Pass the awards along to as many as fifteen blogs I have found recently.
4. Notify the bloggers of their awards.

So, on to number two.  What's to tell?

1. I live in a Western-style wooden cottage built my Taiwanese husband, near the North-East coast of Taiwan.  It's a bit different from most residents of Taiwan.  We often have guests come by to enjoy the view and the fresh air.  It's wonderfully inspiring to look out the window and see hills and greenery.

2. I'm a die-hard American Idol fan.  I'm a sucker for talent shows, and have the CDs of three participants, including my personal favorite, Adam Lambert.  I check online every few days to see updates on the current series.  Do you have any personal favorites this 2011 season?

3. When I met my husband, I was a lifeguard with the Taiwan Red Cross.  It was definitely one of the best times of my life, and I hope I can complete the instructor certificate when my children are a little older.  I had just started the training for that when I got pregnant with my eldest child.  (I thoroughly recommend doing something like that to improve your Chinese and make lifelong friends.)

4. I've written two children's books.  Well, actually, four, but only two have been published so far.  You can see them online at my own store.  I can ship internationally and take PAYPAL.

5. I'm terribly disorganised.  The kids and I leave a trail of chaos wherever we go; just ask the family!

6. I love cycling.  I look forward to the day I can do long cycling trips again.

7. I'm afraid of horses.  My sister had two.  I find them uncontrollable, uncomfortable, and time consuming.  They just make me nervous.

Number three is a little tricky.  I haven't had much time to read others' blogs recently.  When the little one gets over her fever, I promise to do a thorough reading of other blogs!  Will update my findings.

Now, on to number four...


  1. Cool that's awesome Katrina - so proud. Must admit I don't read this one much, but are an avid reader of 'myasiababy'.

  2. Katrina, we recently became fans of American Idol too! I never liked the few episodes I caught in the past but season 10 has been so much fun to watch with the kids. We like them all, but our faves are Scotty, Casey, Jacob, Paul, Thea and Lauren.

  3. CK, I've been a bit slack on "asiababy" but try to get something up Friday mornings so family can read it over the weekend.

    Jennifer, my favorites at the moment are James Durban and Scotty. The contestants this year all really nice, so it's sad to watch them get voted off. It's a dream of mine to go watch a live show or tour concert, how bad is that?


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