The Center & "Taipei Living" Handbook

So, after living in Taiwan for 15 years, I finally got myself a copy of Taipei Living (10th edition), published by the Center.  No matter how long you have in Taipei, I highly recommend guide.  Everytime I pick it up, I learn something new about Taipei and the places I can go.

I contributed to the Family section of the handbook, so if you have been following this blog some descriptions will be familiar to you.  But, there is a wealth of information in "Taipei Living" that will make life with kids here easier.  From government rules to places to go, I am sure you will learn something new from looking the book.

"Taipei Living" is published by the Community Services Center, known by many simply as "the Center".  You can find out about their wide range of services at http://www.community.com.tw/.  All proceeds from book sales back into the community. 

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