Taichung & Tainan: O-Well Motel

A friend of our family highly recommends this motel for families.  This is a link to the Taichung motel they stayed at.  They have three presidential suites.  Weekdays, list price is $4380 per night for the room.

Map & directions: http://www.o-wellmotel.com.tw/taizhong01/tz01_transport.html

You get a huge room with king-size bed, living area, indoor jacuzzi, warm outdoor pool, free wireless internet, KTV facilities, TV, and free instant noodles! (Extra bed/sofa available.)

From the site, it does sound like a place to romance your loved one, but my friend raves about it as a place to relax with your family.  The kids can play outdoors while you watch them through the glass from the jacuzzi.

Here is the link to the Tainan motel: http://www.o-wellmotel.com.tw/tainan01/tn01_rooma.html
Map & directions: http://www.o-wellmotel.com.tw/tainan01/tn01_transport.html

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