Until 10/31/09 - Artist/author Jimmy's exhibit Starry Starry Night

Jimmy (機米) has published over thirty books since 1998, which have been translated into nine languages worldwide.  His stories have been made into movies (eg"Turn Left Turn Right" starring Takeshi Kineshiro), music theme CDs (eg "The Sound of Colors").  In 2008, he worked with British author Joyce Dunbar to produce his first picture-book for children in English, "The Monster Who Ate Darkness".  I remember buying his first book when it came out in Taiwan.  My children (aged 3 and 5) love looking at the pictures in his books.

Until October 31st, you can enjoy Jimmy's The Starry Starry Night exhibit at the Huashan Creative Park.  The theme of this picture book is about growing up.  The exhibit itself is a cooperation between fourteen artists and designers, and uses a variety of styles and mediums to help us explore how people form their ideas about art and culture.

A mother I talked to today who has been to the exhibit describes it as an exhibit that will capture children's attention, with all kinds of wonderful things to discover.  She did warn that there are parts that are not suitable for taking strollers up and down (stairs), but said that you could just miss these small parts if it was too much trouble to get to them.

Tickets are 200/person.  Exhibit hours are 10am-10pm, everday.  There is a basic information booklet in English.
Taipei Huashan Creative Park Building 1.  (Bade Road Section 1, No. 1)

Chinese information (from the site):



Official site (English section under construction):

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