Outdoor Area Shingkong Mitsokushi Hsin-Yi District building A8 4F

Go up to the fourth floor, and head out the doors next to the GIANT bicycle area. This open space is open during department store hours. It’s pretty hot out there during the middle of the day, but later in the afternoon it is very nice.

There is:
- A little sit-on train that you can ride once for free with any receipt from Mitsokushi for that day. Otherwise it is 20NT/circuit.
- Giant mechanical animals that you drive by pushing the accelerator and steering.
- Little merry-go-round and other sit-on toys.
- Basketball game

*All these need 10 coins. There is a change machine near the basketball game. The operator of the train can change your larger notes into 100NT bills if needed.
-Very nice free playground equipment. It gets a bit hot around noon, though.
-You can take drinks and food outside, and you have a nice view of Hsin-Yi district. Play area probably best suited for preschool-aged kids.

Address: 台北市松高路12號4F(新光三越信義A8店4F)  Song Gao Road No.12, 4F

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  1. I just discovered this place the other day and plan on going back when the weather is cooler. It's a great place to stop for a break during a shopping trip in the Xinyi area!


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