Hill Walk, Muzha to Jingmei or Jingmei to Muzha

If you have energetic children in need of a quick energy burn, consider this walk that goes from Yongjian Elementary School on Muzha Road to Jingmei, giving some fantastic views and quaint, very local pit stops along the way. There are lots of stairs and a couple of spots where you would watch your child carefully, because the banks are steep and there is no fence. But overall it is the kind of walk we would take our children on. My son walked half-way and back when he was about four years old. The walk takes about an hour from end to end.

I started my walk on the Yongjian Elementary School side, so my photos show the paths from that direction. You can take a bus to the Yongjian Elementary School Bus Stop. Buses 253, 294, 647, 660, 666, 671, 915, 933 BR12, BR22 and BR6 all stop here. Chinese: 永建國小

This is the entrance to the Muzha end of the walk.
The elementary school next to the walk.

Head up the steps.

There are sections that are flat and sections that have stairs. Sometimes, there are paths that go off the main track, but to get to Jingmei, just head up the top of the hill and then down the other side. You will be rewarded with some great views on the way.

The iconic rock of the walk.

The walk down from the peak is really lovely. Depending on the time of day, you will see different kinds of people. I did the walk for the photos at 7am, so there were groups doing stretches and hula hooping.

On the Jingmei end, you will come to a temple that has steps down to the road. You come out at 

Address: 116台北市文山區景興路293號

The Jingmei Market, Uniqlo, Jingmei MRT Station are all within walking distance.

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