Book Review: The Phenomenals:A tangle of traitors

My son (9), loves to read.  He would like to share some of his recent favorites with parents who are choosing books. Here is his first book review on my blog.  I am pleased to see him using the computer for constructive activities, such as typing this all by himself.

The Phenomenals:A tangle of traitors

by F.E. Higgins

reviewed by kyle

A metal-handed cutpurse and expert picklock go to a strange town, and meets three other people. They become the Phenomenals, and try to save a town from lurids - a kind of living dead that wants to be freed from a tar pit-because an evil person freed one of them. Also, this is a series, and I can't wait to read the next book, A gaggle of ghouls.

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  1. Great review Kyle. Cuyler hasn't read this series. Leonie

    I've seen it in the school library but I didn't like the blurb/story. Have you read Skulduggery Pleasant? I think it's really good! Cuyler


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