Spring Semester 2014: What's On Around Town For Children Ages 6 and Up?

If your family is new to Taipei,  or if it's difficult for you to find events and groups for your elementary and junior-high school aged children, take a look at some of the offerings below.

Drew's Drama Session II

We are getting ready to launch Drew's Drama Session II next Sunday (March 2), 10 am at the Red Room. (near Chungsiao Fuhsing SOGO). This will be a four week session, 1.5 hours per Sunday, a total of 6 hours altogether, featuring the works of Dr. Seuss. Recommended age group: 8-14 yrs old. Cost: NT 2800. If you are interested, please message Carol (cyao@tig.com.tw)  and she will help you with the details.

This drama group will connect you and your children with some of the best English-speaking performers in Taipei.  We are lucky to have this opportunity for our children!

Stage Time and Juice at the Red Room

The next Stage Time and Juice will be Saturday, March 15, 2014. (I will post full details later). This afternoon with have a St. Patrick's Day Theme! Everyone will be encouraged to wear green and there will be green punch and hopefully other Irish/green themed snacks, which are brought along by you, the participants in the afternoon.*  Stage Time and Juice is a space for children, families, and people who enjoy encouraging the creative development of youth (and their parents!) to get together and share their knowledge.  Children and adults alike get up on the stage for up to 5 minutes, to share original or favorite poetry, music, skits, stories...  whatever it is that delights and insipires them.

Juice is not just for 6 and up. We do have younger children who come along with parents or older siblings and really enjoy the afternoon.  It is not a drop-off activity, and parents need to actively look after their children of all ages throughout the afternoon.

I wrote a full bi-lingual post about this regular event last year.  This is a wonderful place for you to meet other families and get a feel of what is available in the community, too.

*Each family is encouraged to bring along either a large bottle of juice or tea, or a plate of child-friendly finger food to share.

If you would like to contribute to the performances, please contact Carol at  cyao@tig.com.tw.

Writer's Workshop at Parent's Place

Now well into its second year, my Writer's Workshop is going strong.  Open to children age 6 and up, this workshop is a platform for children to confirm their love of the English language and their power to use it.

This semester, we will continue to work on the mechanics of the language, at each child's developmental level.  We will also take on a group project, producing some video material based on our written work.  Through this project, children will learn about using language to communicate to a wider audience.

The workshop is every Wednesday 1:30pm-3:30pm, at Parents' Place in Neihu.  Please contact me through the contact page here for more details.  So far, there are nine children in the group, and we have space for a few more.

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