Paying It Forward

I'm a true believer in giving a little.  Whether it is knowledge, skills, resources, or cash, each and every one of us has the ability to give something positive to those around us.  We all have moments of difficulty. Some of those moments last longer than others.  For some people, the brick wall of difficulty seems very hard to knock down.  And sometimes, all it takes is a few people to join forces and knock down the barrier to success.

A few days ago, I received a message from an old online friend, outlining her situation. Lori has helped me several times over the years, sharing her teaching knowledge so I can become a better educator.  Life has sent her a few knockbacks, but she is fighting back.

If you have benefited from my blog over the years, from the information provided here, or just enjoyed reading the posts, I ask you to take time to read about Lori and her son, and think about donating even just a dollar to her dream.  I believe she will pay it forward, as you are doing right now.  She is halfway to her goal, but has a very short time to reach it.


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