Elementary School Education In Taiwan - My Magazine Series

I finally got things together, and my first article on Elementary School Education in Taiwan was published in the Centered On Taipei magazine yesterday.  This article is an overview of options available.  The photo of the children at the bottom corner of the page was taken at my children's school, which I am writing about for the second article in the series.  I will also cover homeschooling in more depth the following month.

Young writer Leat Ahrony also gives her perspective on local education in this issue.  Ahrony transferred to international school after third grade. In the March issue, I will share the experiences of families who have moved through the higher grades of local public school.

Centered on Taipei magazine is the work of expats and locals in Taiwan.  It is a useful resource for residents of Taipei and Taiwan.  The magazine is free, but paying for a subscription is one way you can support this magazine. Details are in the magazine itself.

I'd love it if other families could share their experiences with the education system here.  If you have anything you would like to share, please comment or contact me and I can find a way to pass information to families considering moving to Taiwan and/or putting their children into school in Taiwan.

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