Taipei City Fire Dept's Fire Safety Museum

I'm sure I saw these on a Dr Who episode many years ago.
After the local Fire Department visited my son's school, he told me how they had set up a smokey room for the children to crawl through as part of a fire safety demonstration.  This triggered my memory; there is a Fire Safety Museum in Neihu, Taipei, that I visited years ago as a teacher.  I decided to take the children there to see how they reacted to it.  It was worth the trip.

On arrival, we registered, and waited for the staff member who would show us around.  Individuals and groups all get the option of having a guided tour (in Chinese).  We went directly to the floor with the smoke-simulator, and the children had a lesson on fire safety, what to do in a fire, and how to call 119.  Then, they watched a short video to reinforce it.  After that, we walked through the corridors that are set up to simulate a fire in a building.  I think this is a really good thing for children to be able to do.  My four-year-old was nervous, but my six-year-old went through twice.

After the walk-through, the children were taught how to open the safety doors, and how to open an elevator in an emergency.  Then, we headed to the earthquake simulator area.  We watched a video of the 921 earthquake and scientific explanation of tectonic plates, and then had a lesson on what to do in an earthquake.  The children then got to try out their skills in dealing with an earthquake up to 6.0 in force.  After that excitement, it was time for a short video in the AV room, and then down to play in the playroom on the first floor.

There are number of other areas that we didn't explore.  There is an area outside to try out fire hoses, and rooms set up to teach children and parents about safety in the home.  If you like classic vehicles, you can appreciate the vintage fire engines and other equipment set up throughout the museum.

This museum is an educational experience.  It is most suitable for children aged four to nine years.  Entrance is free.  You can find hours of opening and address on their English website.
Daughter practicing her crawl to the door.

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