WARNING! VERY BAD! "Wow! Giant Dinosaur" Expo, Oct. 2 - 10

I stole this from Taipei City Playgroup's organiser, Kelly.  Thanks, Kelly!

Dear Parents,

This exhibition is host by our city government coincide with the upcoming Floral Expo mainly a display of many different species of dinosaur. The biggest display is a 46 meter tall giant dinosaur made of traditional Taiwanese floral-prints fabric. There will be a theatre running live dino shows every hour. Also, some dinosaurs art work made by local celebrities will be on display, and soft toys and a playground area for photo shooting, a bookstore, kiosks, etc.
-Location: "Youth Park" (West end): 199 Shuiyuan Rd, Wanhua District
-Dates: 2nd ~10th October every day from 9am~6pm
Bus: 12,205,212,223,630
MRT: Ximen Station need to transit by bus to "Youth Park"
-No fee (Free)
-Name: Paper Windmill Dinosaur Art Expo "Wow! Giant Dinosaur"

The Citygroup will be planning their weekly outing there on Thursday morning, October 7th, so you are welcome to join us then too!

***UPDATE:   The kids and I went here today.  Even though it is free, it was one of the most disappointing things I have been to in Taiwan.  We are pretty open to events and activities, but this was horrid.  And very over-hyped.  Basically, a few papermache models have been thrown into the park.  In the center is an overheated room with some videos going and a couple of glass models.  It feels very old and dirty.  The "models by famous people" are permade models about 20cm high that look like they have been painted by preschoolers.  The food is water and Chinese-style rice crackers.  There is a tent with overpriced DIY kits and books.  That's it.  And to top it off, for some reason Youth Park's fishpond and stream is full of stinking dead fish.  It used to be a great place to feed ducks and fish, but now it is a green-lined wasteland.  If this a preview to the Flora Show at the end of the year, I hope nobody is flying in from overseas to see it.

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  1. I don't think we went to the same place...we loved it. it was great. There were tons of dinos to look at and play with. There were all different types some blown up which were really life sizeish, other were very brightly coloured and then there was a big one you could walk into. We had a lovely time there and wished that we'd gone earlier so we could have gone back again. it was such a good free thing to go to.


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