Book Sharing Program (mostly Chinese books)

The Ministry of Education and National Publishing Organisation are running an activity from now until mid-December, where you can borrow books from a number of places (Ikari Coffee, Leezen Tea Shops, and some other places), either write your feedback in the book or post it online, then pass the book to people you know. Late-December, all the books are supposed to back to the places of origin, and the feedback will be collated. Contributing publishers include TienShia (天下) and Hsin-Yi Publications, to name two. I was at the Nankang Sport Center Ikari Coffee today, and the books they had were all recently published and in mint condition. The adult books were in Chinese and there were some English-language children's books. The books are just sitting there and you just take them away as you wish. It's kind of fun for kids to take part, and a good chance for adults to read some free books. Not much English material but still an interesting concept.

Website (Chinese): [url]www.nporeadorg.tw[/url]

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