World of Chocolate Exhibit at the Taipei Science Museum

This exhibit runs from July 3rd until September 26th.  Tickets are $200 per person, plus $100 per DIY make your own chocolate participant.

Until July 2nd, you can buy three tickets for $400 at 7-11, Family Mart and Hi-Life stores island-wide.  You want to buy the 巧克力奇幻世界票 3張400元 (chocolate exhibit 3 tickets for $400).

There are models made from chocolate, information on the history and science of chocolate, and a DIY activity.

Exhibit Information is currently only in Chinese.

Museum Information is in several languages.

**July 5th:  I took my two kids (ages 6 and 4) to this exhibit today.  Basically, it is like an art exhibit where you can see a lot of sculptures.  All information is in Chinese.  My kids probably got something out of it, but not 400NT worth.  I tried to make it worthwhile by teaching them how to read some Chinese characters, and to talk about the Great Wall of China, the Terrecota Warriors, and why truffles are so expensive.  I do not recommend the DIY activity.  For 100NT, kids get to pour melted chocolate into a round piece of plastic.  There was no explanation of what they were doing and they didn't get to do anything much at all.  And, be warned, the sales area at the end is like a giant chocolate and book market.

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  1. This is so not worth it. Basically its tons of things that look like something else but are in fact Chocolate, then they sell you tons of things that look like chocolate but isn't...
    We were not impressed by this at all. It was rather lame to say the least!


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