Fares Academy for Martial Arts - Children (and Adult) Classes

This school is based in Teinmu, next to TAS.  Two things about their website caught my eye.  The first was the obvious dedication to the school and what they offer Tony has.  The second was the fact they offer free classes to low-income families.  In a place where so many are pushing to make money out of children's after-school activities, this gesture stood out to me.

I have never been to the school, so please go and check it out for yourself.


●Tian-Mu Dojo

No. 736-1, 2F, Zhong Shan North Road, Section 6, Taipei
(Next to Pizza Hut. One minute walk from Taipei American School)

Antoine Fares - Chief Instructor

Mobile: 0922-131649
Email: ajfares@hotmail.com


  1. Hello Katrina,
    Thanks for adding my Website. Martial Arts for me have always been a tool for soul searching and self enrichment that I am happy to share with others. The impact that good practice has on a young person is great and priceless and it is only by improvement oneself that we can improve the society we live in.
    All the best to you.

  2. P.S.: Forgot to add our new address:
    Zhong Shan N.Rd., Sec.6, No.300, 2F-Tian Mu

  3. My two cents worth on Tony's classes!
    My 7 year old son has been attending for the last year or so. My husband and I really think it has been good for him. Tony is a great teacher and the kids really like him! (Thanks Tony!)



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