Enjoy the Winter With Free Audio Books through Taipei City Library

If you have a Taipei City Library card (which you should, and can, no matter where on the island you are), you can take advantage of a pretty good selection of English and Chinese language books in their Audiobook library.

How to do so:
Go to this link.  From here you can access encylopedias, dictionaries, journals and other material, but I want to introduce audio books, so...
Scroll down to the Audiobook section. 
Choose "Tumble Talking Books".
Your username is the letter and number mix on the back of your library card, under the barcode.  Your password is your month and date of birth (Dec 12th is 1212).
You will enter the Tumble Talking Books site, where you can browse and then listen to any books you like for free.  I'm listening to one right now, as I type this.  The quality is excellent.


  1. Last time I tried I had trouble getting things online through the Taipei City Library, but that was great because it made me take a trip to The Small World Library which is one of my favorite places in Taipei. You should also mention that families can apply for a family card and borrow 30 items with it.

  2. Hi Adam,
    Sorry for taking so long to reply! Did you know you can now get 10 cards on your personal card? So, even though we are not eligible for the family card (outside the jurisdiction), we can still get 40 books, and it means even if one card is stopped cos you had an overdue book, you still have three cards to use :)


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