Self-promotion: new anthology of Taiwan Stories on Amazon

Last week, I became a published author, in an anthology of eight stories.

This collection is a mix of genres including fantasy, speculative fiction, and romance. I have been involved the entire process and I am proud of the result. It is a book for adults.

Please take a look, download the sample, buy if you like it, and share with friends. Leave a review on Amazon or comment here. Writers need feedback from readers!


5th Anniversary of Red Room - Huge Afternoon and Evening Event

Join us in celebrating the Red Room's 5th anniversary!

11/15, 1-9pm
華山文創園區舉辦 中館3-1
Huashan Creative Park, Zhong Guan 3-1 Warehouse

八德路一段1號, Taipei, Taiwan
No.1, Sec. 1, Bade Road, Taipei

In celebration of all the kind, magical artistry and the quirky, warm souls that have joined together through these past 5 years to support and continuously create the Red Room, we will be celebrating our anniversary on November 15th, 2014.

The anniversary will be held at the Huashan Cultural Park from 1-9 pm. Beginning with Stage Time & Juice activities in the early afternoon, we will follow up with four bands performing live music with food and drink on offer. An R4 production will launch the evening and the rest of the night will follow with a Stage Time & Wine session.

在如此多樣化種類的活動、充滿神奇藝術性、又加入離奇的氣氛、同時不忘了溫馨的心靈,我們和一路支持我們的朋友,齊聚一堂慶祝紅房五週年生日。我們會在 11/15 慶祝週年日。

這 次週年生日會在華山文創園區舉辦,從 1pm - 9pm,從 Stage Time & Juice 下午青年活動,一路到四個現場表演團體演出伴隨著飲料和食物提供。而紅房新廣播劇場也會帶來夜晚表演活動,一直到揭開 Stage Time & Wine 活動。


1:00 pm -3:00 pm Stage Time & Juice
Children are invited to our multicultural platform where they can listen to stories, share their talents and learn from creative-minded people. Come take a seat, sip some juice and share with the Stage Time and Juice family.

Children’s Activities including 蕭爾呈 magician, puppet show, poetry, music and dance.

3:30pm – 6:00 pm Music Bands Performance 音樂團表演

Future Lands (String Quartet)
Young David 青春大衛
Red Cliff
6:10 to 7:00 pm Red Room Radio Redux performance 紅房新廣播劇場表演
“The world is made up of two classes—the hunters and the prey.”

7:30 pm – 9:00 pm Stage Time & Wine
STW is a monthly spoken word event hosted by the Red Room. We meet to sit and listen, beyond language, to what is around us, to the one sharing. We also meet to be heard.
Stage Time & Wine session will be open for registration via this link (http://goo.gl/forms/V7LyMU7egB) or on the Red Room Facebook page.


日期: 11 月 15 日。
地點:華山文創園區,中館 3-1。
時間:1pm - 9pm
在 11/5 前預購門票每張 NT$350。(http://www.accupass.com/go/redroom5)
門口售成人票每張 NT$400。兒童票十二歲以下 NT$300
門票會包含飲料與一份輕食,吃喝將由 Alchemist Superfoods 和 Ron Bar + Cafe 提供, Lutetia, JB’s Diner。

Ticket info:
Pre-register here before November 5, 2014, NT$350 each. (http://www.accupass.com/go/redroom5)
At the door, NT$ 400 per Adult. NT$300 per child under 12 yrs.
Ticket price includes one free drink and one light snack. Food and drink provided by Alchemist Superfoods, Ron Bar + Cafe, Lutetia and JB's Diner


Mandarin Books for Kids - I Finally Chose Good!

I've been slower than a tortoise when it comes to finding fun, inspiring books for my children that are written Mandarin.

Last week, I finally got up the courage to ask the young man at Hess Bookstore, "What do you read?  What do you recommend as reading for my children, who love reading, if it is not in Mandarin?"

I invested some money in a few titles from different series.  This included the Kano 3-comic set, books introducing local and international geography and history in interesting ways, and poems and stories by one of Taiwan's favorite children's poets.

My kids devoured every single one of the books you see in these photos, and are waiting for me to earn enough money to complete the sets. I photographed them so you can simply show this post to people in your local bookstore or library.  I will try to get a list of titles and authors together, but I am so excited by my own discoveries, I want to post this up right away, even with a sideways photograph.


Vocal Lesson Recommendation: Sean Wong (Taipei)

It seems I am raising a future blogger.  My son wrote this concise recommendation for his vocal coach: http://cubscouterblog.wordpress.com/2014/08/04/seans-singing-class/

As a mom of a boy who loves to perform, I am feeling extremely grateful for the opportunities that have come by our family this year.  One big spin-off from my son's role in Zeelandia is the connections we made here in Taipei.  Kyle's lessons with Sean Wong is one very good example. Sean is great with kids. He treats them as young professionals. He sets high standards and lets them take part in the decision-making process.

You can contact Sean directly for more information. He teaches children and adults.  info@seancswong.com

Sean's music website for reference: http://www.seancswong.com/


My article featured in Taiwan Ho! Summer Activities for Families in Taipei

Dedicated readers of my blog will have most of this information already. It's still a good read, and you can discover some other interesting tidbits on the website, too:


Stage Time and Juice: Summer Magic - Kids' Open mic/Family Performance Space

Take a break from the summer heat and join us at the coolest kid-event in town! Once again it's open-mic time for those brave kids or parents who would like to read or tell a story or poem, perform a song or dance to their classmates, playmates and peers alike.

If you are not ready to take the stage, then be a part of the audience and watch the magic unfold.

We request that smaller children be accompanied by their parents while watching.

Stage Time and Juice 是一個新的紅房(Red room)社群與 Taipei City Playgroup 所舉辦的活動,活動主要用意為鼓勵孩子們步入創意探索的道路。 活動主要以英文進行,受邀參加的孩子們,可以有機會聆聽許多故事,分享彼此天賦才能及創意想法。倒點果汁,隨意找個座位坐下,和我們果汁家庭成員們一同學 習,一同分享這個多元化的平台。 在櫃台會有報名表,讓勇敢的小朋友們可以登記上台朗讀、分享藝術、玩音樂或者講故事。


What to bring:

A juice or savory snack of your choice. Be creative and try to bring something that adds to the theme!

Your own drinking vessel: The Red Room is a green environment. If not, you are encouraged to buy one of our awesome, groovy bamboo mugs and have our fabulous artists paint it for you. It will remain forever, yours and yours alone (true love).

If necessary, bring a fluffy pillow to increase the level of comfort, since floor seating is all that's provided.

給 所有支持贊助的父母們: 請隨意帶果汁或喜歡的點心,當您抵達社群時即可將其放置於吧台,供大家自由分享取用。 紅房(Red room)社群關心綠色環保議題,所以來時候可以考慮在現場購買一個我們引以為傲的竹杯子,讓我們卓越的藝術家幫您在上面繪畫,之後它將是永久的屬於您個 人的,並存放於社群,又或者您也可以攜帶自己的環保杯。 當然最重要,您也可以帶靠枕來讓享受聆聽過程更舒適。我們的地板非常的乾淨可以席地而坐。

Address: 2F., No. 117, Sec. 1, Da'an Rd., Taipei City 106 (above the Aveda Third Place salon, entrance from alleyway on side)
點在:台北市大安區大安路一段 117 號 2 樓。Aveda 沙龍樓上。
Tel: 電話 02-27714795
Map(地圖): https://www.google.com.tw/maps/place/106台北市大安區大安路一段117號/@25.0394719,121.5462694,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m2!3m1!1s0x3442abd05b336311:0x373072a32cf80710?hl=zh-TW

Contribution Fee:

200NTD (1 parent with accompanying child), 50NTD per additional family member regardless of age.

200NTD per adult

Saturday, July 19, 2014
2:30pm to 4:30pm




PM2:30 至PM4:30


About Taipei City Playgroup:

Taipei City Playgroup has been connecting English-speaking families in Taipei since 2002. With no fees, no obligations and no restrictions, this informal, casual playgroup meets on Thursday mornings at various locations around Taipei City, and holds annual Christmas parties, Easter picnics and Halloween Trick-or-Treat parades, as well as publishes The Awesome Playgroup News, a child-produced newspaper that encourages English literacy. Members number over 400, and include parents with Taiwanese partners and families from all over the world, who may be new to Taiwan or new to parenting. Attending Taipei City Playgroup events are a wonderful way for families to connect and share information about parenting in Taiwan, and for children to find new playmates.

關於 Taipei City Playgroup: Taipei City Playgroup 這個社群從 2002 年成立至今,一直以來,提供了在台灣許多說英語家庭們之間,保持聯繫的組織平台。一般於星期四上午,社群會在台北市各個不同地點,舉辦非正式的休閒遊戲小 聚會,參加者無須付費,沒 有義務,也沒有任何限制。同時社群也會舉辦年度聖誕、復活節野餐和萬聖節”不給糖,就搗蛋”的活動。另外也發行精彩的 Playgroup 新聞,是完全由孩子們合力發行的報紙來激勵孩童接觸英語文學。目前社群已有超過 400 位成員,包含台灣及其外國配偶,或夫妻皆來自世界各地,也許剛新到台灣,也許剛當上新手爸媽的父母們。來參加 Taipei City Playgroup 活動是一個與其它家庭連結並分享父母心得最佳的機會,同時也讓孩子們找到新玩伴。


Co-Founders | Ping Chu 朱平 • Ayesha Mehta • Red Room Coordinator | Manav Mehta • Translation | Edward Chiang • Online Presence | Roma Mehta • Assistant Coordinator | Disha Patel

RED ROOM www.redroom.com.tw

肯夢 AVEDA Lapostolle 非零Non Zero Ripplemaker Foundation

Submit Your Child's Work to the Awesome Playgroup News!

This upcoming issue will feature the theme "What I like to Make."

As always, we welcome any other stories, poems, cartoons, word games, or artwork. Submissions from all children around Taiwan are accepted. "What kids like to make" can be anything at all, from the very simple daily task to complex, longterm project. Getting published in this paper/e-paper is a great way to have your kids feel good about their activities, and their ability to contribute to a shared publication. Families can also join the editing meeting and work on putting on the paper together. This is a fun way to show children you value English as a communication tool, and you see their ability to work in a production team.

Our last edition can be seen here:http://www.youblisher.com/p/871969-Awesome-Playgroup-News-Spring-2014/

We also welcome sponsorship through advertising. Our community rate is this: NT100 gets you a full-color ad, 1/16 of an A3 page...multiple spaces or half-pages also available. Sponsors also get a complimentary copy (NT25 value, so as you can see, sponsorship could cost you less than a Starbucks latte!) and also make us feel loved and supported.

Sponsorships help defray printing costs and also contribute to making more fun and meaningful activities for Taipei Cityplaygroup.

Deadline is midnight, Sunday, July 13. EXTENDED a week!

Submissions and interested advertisers email to cyao_at_tig.com.tw.