2011 Halloween - Where to Buy Costumes

This is from last year's information, reposted for those that are still looking for costumes.

Where to Buy Costumes:

1. There is a group of "holiday" stores along Chungshan West Road, just north of Taipei Station. They change their themes throughout the year, so now is a good time for Halloween and Christmas.

2. Lococo is a very large outlet store, with some fantastic costumes available all year round for good prices. We just got a beautiful princess dress for my daughter for TWD290. I also picked up some nice Old Navy sweater jackets in preparation for the winter. Oh, and they have real ballet outfits for just TWD100!
Beitou Road Sec. 1, No. 7 (Beitou District). This is just off the MRT line, so not as hard to get to as it sounds.

3. Best Buy up on Section 7 of Chungshan North Road. If you walk up the hill north of Taipei American School (north side of Tienmu Road), there are several outlet stores that carry costumes.  You can get some really good deals very close to and just after Halloween.

Zoolloween 2011 - Taipei Zoo

Taipei Zoo is really getting into Halloween this year, with its "Be Wild" themed Zoolloween events.

Chinese info here.
English info here.

2011 Halloween Tianmu - Tons of Stuff on Oct 29th and 30th

Every year, Tianmu seems to add just a little more to their Halloween events.  I found the Chinese information blog for this upcoming weekend.  There is so much stuff listed I don't know where to start with translation, so I might just dig round and see what I can find that is in English already.  In the meantime, it looks like things kick off at 3pm on Saturday.  Kids can have rides, take part in DIY, and watch different shows from that time.

This all takes place at the intersection of Tianmu East and West Roads, just north of Taipei American School.

Halloween 2011 - Carnegies Family Party

I've been knocked out by the flu, and haven't kept uptodate on this year's Halloween events, so I hope I can post at least a couple in time for readers to have an enjoyable family day in Taipei.

The Carnegies family Halloween party always gets great comments from those families that attend.  Here is the information for this year's event:

Sunday, October 30, 3pm
$450 per child which includes a nice little goodie bag
Dress up and go trick-or-treating and play some games

Website here.

Haunted House (7 year olds and older only) at Taipei Evil Eye

Until October 31st, enjoy the scary sensation of entering a haunted house.  Children under 7 are not allowed to enter, and all children must be accompanied by an adult.

This is a link to some photos of the house, as well as a Chinese site with a lot more detailed information.
Chungsiao West Road Sec 1, No. 50, B3 (Near Taipei Station, KMALL next to ShingGuang Mitsokushi MRT entrance)
Children 7-12 $200 for one house, $400 for two houses
Adults $299 for one house, $499 for two houses
Hours: Mon-Fri noon-9pm (enter before 8pm); Sat&Sun 11am-9pm (enter before 8pm)


A Request from the Community Services Center and Centered on Taipei

Today, I received a request from the Community Center, asking if they can ask my readers for assistance with writing articles for their free magazine Centered on Taipei.  I'm very happy to help get more information about living in Taipei with children into the wider expat community.  I encourage you to contact Roma with any ideas you may have.

Centered on Kids:Centered on Taipei is a community magazine which aims to have something in it for everybody. Currently we are looking for kid-related stuff, both about and for the younger members of our community. If you have ideas for a submission or a regular piece in this area, please contact CoT Editor, Roma Mehta (coteditor@communitycenter.org.tw).


Website for Council of Cultural Affairs; All the Culture You Need!

With a bit of time on my hands today, I have been delving into the internet a bit.  I came across this gem of a site.  The site has a wonderfully extensive list of cultural places to visit in Taiwan, extending well beyond the usual advertised sites.  I know not all of these places are for children, but as a parent I try to give my children as broad an experience as I can.  I think this site is a fantastic resource.

Look at the things you can choose from! The Swine Museum, the Firefly Museum, the Penghu Lifestyle Museum, the Dough Figurene Museum... Taiwan is full of wonderfully unusual museums and places to visit while you are here.  Enjoy!

Kaohsiung Children's Art Museum

I came across a website by the Council for Cultural Affairs, today.  I was really surprised to find out there is a Kaohsiung Children's Art Musem.  The museum looks pretty big, going by the images.  Unfortunately, there is no English description on the site at the moment.  From what I read, many of the exhibits at the Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts that are for children are supplied by the Children's Art Museum.

At the CHILDREN'S Art Museum, they seem to have some funky exhibits, such as this one.  Have any adventurous souls taken their kids to check this museum out?

English Information here.

Address: 高雄兒童美術館101展覽室(馬卡道路330號) Ma-Ka Road, No. 330

Tues-Fri 9-12, 1:30-4:30; Sat, Sun 9:30-5:30
週二至週五 上午9:00~12:00 下午1:30~4:30(中午休館清潔維護) 週六、日 9:30-17:30(中午不休館)
Tel: 07-5550331

Last Day! Paper Housing - A Room Of One's Own

The Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts(高雄市立美術館)  is hosting an exhibit of paper houses, and this runs until October 9.  The exhibit is described as a good way to teach children about architecture, and to encourage creativity in thinking about how we use space.
Address: 80 Meishuguan Road , Gushan District, Kaohsiung (高雄市鼓山區美術館路80號)
Tel: (07)5550331
Hours: 9:30-5:30, Tues-Sun

[Oct 8-16] Ying Ge Celebration

Ying Ge is considered the pottery center of Taiwan.  It's worth going to see the various works by Taiwanese potters and to enjoy some "old" Taiwan culture.  Right now, Ying Ge is having its annual celebration and it seems there are a few things going on just for kids.

Sat, Oct 8; Sun, Oct 9; Mon, Oct 10; Sat, Oct 15; Sun, Oct 16

  • Lots of activities in the areas of art, music, and education.
  • Momo TV dance time Sun, Oct 16, 3-4pm
  • Food stands
  • Children's DIY
  • Children's amusements
Where: Starting at the carpark outside the Ying Ge Administrative Office, and down the "Old Street" of Ying Ge.

Tel: 02-2678-0202#516
Website: www.yingge.ntpc.gov.tw

Directions (English) here.

Taipei Children's Recreation Center (Yuanshan)

It's been a while since I took the kids to any kind of amusement park, and I hadn't realised that the http://english.tcrc.taipei.gov.tw/np.asp?ctNode=41563&mp=104042 had totally moved back to its original location near Yuanshan MRT station.

We used to love going to this location.  It's cheap, easy to get to, and has a mix of indoor and outdoor fun for kids of a fairly wide age-range.  I see it is now divided into three areas (Science, Folk Arts, and Amusement.).   Has anyone been there recently to give some more details about the experience?

These directions are from their website:

How can I get to the Taipei Children’s Recreation Center?

The Taipei Children’s Recreation Center located on No.33 Yumen Street. You can get to Taipei Children’s Recreation Center by:

A.MRT: Take Red line (Tamsui line) and get off at Yuanshan station. Then walk about 5 minutes.
(1)26, 41, 266(Low-floor bus), 280(Low-floor bus), 288, 290, 304, 616, 618, 2056(Tamkang University–North Gate), 9023, Song Jiang Line(Low-floor bus), alight at Employment Service Office stop.
(2)R2(Low-floor bus), 21(Low-floor bus), 42, 203, 208, 218, 220(Low-floor bus), 247, 260, 227, 279, 287, 310, 612, 677, 1717(Taipei–Jingshan), 2020 (Sanzhi–Taipei Railway Station), Zhong Shan Line, alight at the Taipei Fine Arts Museum stop.
(3)R2(Low-floor bus), R33, R50(Low-floor bus), 21(Low-floor bus), 208, 247, 287, 542, 677, alight at the MRT Yuanshan station.

[Oct 9 & 15] Panchiao Music/Culture Festival

Tomorrow (Oct 9, 7:30pm), Song Song Children's and Puppet Theater (九歌兒童劇團) will perform.  I was about to translate all the details but then read that the free tickets were handed out on September 29th, so there is no point sharing all that information!  If you do read Chinese, check out their list of performances at later dates.

Next Saturday (Oct 15, 7:30pm), there will be a performance at the Panchiao Music Park (Da Tong Street No. 70).  No tickets required for this.  With titles like "Girl and Robot" and "South Songs", I am really at a loss as to exactly what kind of music it will be, but if the weather is good, it's always nice to take the kids to an outdoor concert, no matter what the music.

Shinese address and directions to park:
板橋音樂公園 (大同街70號):搭乘捷運板南線至「江子翠」4號出口,沿雙十路二段步行10分鐘,再轉入大同街即可到達。

Junior High School Test Samples

I was reading an online forum and somebody kindly posted links to two sites that provide samples of tests children will have in different subjects in Junior and Senior High.    These are useful for preparing your child for Junior High School, and for helping them with test prep once they are there.  (If you are teaching English, it is also useful to see how children here are tested.)

1. These ones are from a local junior high school.  There is about seven years' worth of tests.  The names of the subjects are in Chinese. You have to click on the subject and save the test in your computer.

2. The National Academy of Academic Reseach has a site the provides subject matter and tests for both Junior and Senior High School.  You can refine your search to be as specific as you would like.  Choose the subject, then area of Taiwan, school, and grade, or as many variables as you wish.  You will need to be able to read some Chinese to navigate the site, but of course if your child is in public school using this, they will have no trouble navigating it themselves.  Not all schools have contributed to the site, so you might not find your child's school, but at least it will give you an idea of what they need to know.